Share the Goodlookin SNS application

Goodlookin is an application where you can share photos that you took such as Goodlookin selfie photos
or other photos that you possess on Goodlookin and receive likes (GL !) from people all over the world.

The timeline is awesome!

"Obviously you can search by hashtags, but with the advanced search function you can choose only the photos that you are interested in to appear on your timeline. If you set this function in advance, only the photos that you are interested in from all over the world will appear on your timeline. It is a perfect function for those who are tired of their photos being shown on other social media sites to others who they don’t want to see them."

Get a lot of attention in the rankings!

If you have a post that others are interested in, they can press GL ! (Goodlookin !) many times for many GL ! You can be the spotlight of the GL ! rankings and definitely be of interest to others if you make it to the top! So let’s make ranking top priority so you can become popular!

Just looking is also fun!

Goodlookin is not an application for adding your friends, it is an entirely new way to make friends from all over the world. Goodlookin posts from around the world will show up on your timeline. You can enjoy searching by hashtags and also use various filter functions that allow you to search photos that you are interested in from photos that have been submitted from all over the world. So the way you want to enjoy the application is up to you!